Erica Kesse

Integrative Coach/ Catalyst, LPC-MHSP (temp), MS, MS, CEO of Your Goal Concierge

You have done enough. It is time to "be". Being is allowing yourself to take care of yourself. Being is stillness. Being is thinking and feeling the ache instead of avoiding it. I am your cheerleader, who encourages you to explore your resources to ease the hurt. I offer FREE fifteen minute, "Try ON" sessions, which you can see and feel if sessions with me are a good fit. I believe together, we can focus on building our relationship, so you can have a safe space, in order to take your options into every situation and/or problem. Call me to set up a "Try ON" session or jump into an amazing partnership at $150+ per session. My clinical skills consist of building relationship and rapport, empathy, and providing unconditional positive regard. My scope of practice includes: Partnering with Superstars, Trauma associated with all types of abuse/ assault, minority/ Cultural Mental Health, Single Mother/ Women's Issues, LGBT+ Issues, Crisis Intervention, and Suicidal Ideation. I provide treatment in common areas and I have specialized training in Trauma-Focused- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person/ Child-Centered Therapy Play, Expressive Arts Therapy, Career Counseling, Integrative Therapy (utilization of all therapy types based on the individual). You deserve a partner that pulls their weight.