Erwine Sainvil

MS Social Work, Integrative Coach

Erwine Sanvail, MSW, Catalyst with Your Goal Concierge was born in a small commune named Limbe, Haiti in 1988. Her family immigrated to the United States in 1993, where Erwine was raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Haiti holds a special place in her heart and has always been a major motivation behind her accomplishments. Upon completing her graduate studies in Social Work in 2017, she was inspired to officially launch her entrepreneurial venture, SensHaitienne, in 2019. In valuing the importance of being connected with her community; Erwine was motivated to add her “Standpoint” Blog to her brand's website as an informal platform to engage directly with her community-locally and abroad for healthy transformational interactions or experiences that educate, inspire, and empower. This blog will launch early 2020. Erwine is committed to improving the quality of life for her native community, local community, and abroad through her empathetic interactions and her business and social involvements. Erwine’s would love to support Afro Caribbean individuals as well as those who wish to pursue work/ life balance, the heartbroken, and family solidarity. She has a person centered, empathetic approach that assesses the culture and environment of an individual.