Shawnta Williams

Integrative Coach, Ordained Minister

Shawnta Williams, born in Haun, Germany, came to the United States at 1 year old. She attended Volunteer State Community College, first in Nursing then in Accounting. Shawnta became an Ordained Minister through Theocratic Ministry College in Nashville, TN in 2005. Trained to enhance others spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally, she was taught to serve, yet did not know how to apply practices to mental health and trauma until she participated in her own healing through a therapeutic alliance with a counselor. Shawnta, now has set out explore, internationally, while fulfilling her purpose as an advocate for safety, community, belonging, and authentic humanity. Emphasis will be placed on the spiritual and practical tools we, the client and Shawnta, will implement together to create a safe and successful environment for growth. These tools are what will be practiced and proven to be the keys to a healthy relationship with self, our creator and others. This will be done to ensure that the attachment and reliance is not on the Catalyst but on the relationship cultivated between self and the source of all things. We will tap into that power and wisdom, see it's truth with every application, you will be equipped with the necessary tools to keep renewing yourself long after the relationship between Catalyst and client has dissipated.