Erica Kesse, M.S., M.A., LPC- MHSP-T

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“Erica has been so pivotal to my personal and professional growth. Her services and support inspired me to invest in myself and reinvest in my business. I am truly grateful for her support!” 

—  Erwine Sainvil, MSSW,

Your Goal Concierge,

Certified Integrative Coach 


Counseling and Coaching

Erica "Nurture" Kesse, M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.A. in Civic Leadership, Master Certified Coach- Nurturing helpers to take strategic and fearless actions by modeling self-love, self-worth, and self-care.

$150/ hr.

"Try On" Session/ Triage

We have a plethora of services and resources that maybe the right fit for you. Contact us to get a Free "Try On" Session to discover How the "Try On" Universe can serve you. See our services page for a listing. 


CEO Consultations

Through an enlightening consultations, the CEO/ Founder/ Visionary gains insight on how to focus on the vision, develop the best fit team, and enhancement through a nurturing and supportive accountability partner.  

$250/ hr.

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Additional Services

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Idea generation is the process of creating, developing, and communicating ideas. Let us join you in thinking and dreaming through your idea. 

Process Improvement

Explore your processes and procedures in relation to your bottom line. Let us put fresh eyes on your vision, mission, and methodology toward enhancement. 

Career Consulting

Career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues. Let us push you toward a career that will provide fulfillment. 



Through one on one consultations, the helper gains the enhancement sought in a nurturing, supportive, and safe space. 

Meet The Team

Erica Kesse

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I am the Master Integrative Coach on the Your Goal Concierge, Inc. Integrative Coaches Team. I certify Coaches. Message to learn more about our Catalyst Program. I highly recommend the coaches who have come through my program. Learn more about them on our Coaches Page.

Erwine Sainvil

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I am a Certified Integrative Coach on the Your Goal Concierge, Inc Team. I have a blog and product line as well. Additionally, I have a housing organization in Haiti. Learn more on our Coaches Page. 

Sherri Jones

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I am a Certified Integrative Coach on the Your Goal Concierge, Inc. Team. I have a non-profit, Dream Chasers and offer therapy in a community mental health organization. Learn more about me on the Coaches Page

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